Selling Process

Sell Your Business

At VR Business Brokers we recognize that there are no shortcuts to success.

Selling a business to the right buyer is hard work and takes a professional who understands how to create and implement a marketing plan focused on finding qualified buyers and maximizing the price for your business.

Expert advice

If you are contemplating selling your business, you no doubt have a lot of questions and which we will answer for you. With the extensive experience we have in the Wichita office, we can most likely answer most of your queries.

In the event you have a unique situation, being a part of the extensive VR network of experienced professionals provides us with an invaluable additional resource to call upon.

Business Valuation

Establishing a fair and reasonable asking price for your business is critical to the sales process, consummating a sale and maximizing the proceeds to business owners. We provide you an estimate of the market value of your business at no cost to you prior to commencing an engagement to market your business. We can also provide a rigorous formal appraisal of the business value for legal and accounting purposes, if warranted.

Structuring the Sale

The right asking price is obviously critical, but so are other deal terms, such as down payment, seller financing, non-compete agreements, training, etc. Our experience with deal structures frequently makes the difference in completing a successful transaction.

Marketing Your Business

Our goal is to provide maximum marketing exposure for your business, which we believe is unsurpassed in the industry. We tailor a marketing plan for each of our client businesses utilizing the proprietary VR marketing process. Our approach for each client business combines a program of exposure through the international VR network of offices and prospective buyers, advertising through direct mail, leading internet sites and various print media (local, national and industry specific publications) that we feel is warranted to adequately market your business and connect with potential buyers.

Qualification of Buyer Prospects and Screening

We recognize that maintaining the confidentiality of a business being for sale is of critical importance to business sellers. We require non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements from all prospective buyers. In addition, we request financial representations and interview all prospective buyers to try to ensure both their sincerity and ability to complete an acquisition, prior to them learning the name or specifics of your business.

Comprehensive Business Profile

We work with business owners to learn about their business and prepare a confidential comprehensive business profile which encompasses a wealth of information on your business operation and highlights what makes your business stand out. Once a prospective buyer has passed the qualification process, we introduce the buyer to your business through discussion and review of the comprehensive profile.

Working with Buyers

We work with the prospective buyers throughout the acquisition process up through the final closing of the sale. Since business owners are emotionally involved in their business, it is often difficult for them to be an effective negotiator. We are experienced intermediaries and vigorously participate in negotiating with prospective buyers to ensure that you receive the maximum price for your business.

We Get Paid Only When You Do

Our job is not done until your business is sold! We do the majority of the work in selling your business, while you are freed up to run your day to day operations. We expend our time, our money and our expertise and only get paid at closing upon the sale of your business.

Is this a right time to sell?

Schedule a confidential appointment with our agent and develop your exit strategy and prepare your business for sale.

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